All-in packages for BV company formation

When filing for BV company formation abroad, an individual has to deal with many official and administrative tasks. At times it can be difficult for the individual to arrange all the necessities themselves. In that case it can be valuable to hire a professional company to take care of the formalities for BV company formation. Intercompany Solutions offers many services for anyone interested in starting a business in the Netherlands. Even all-in packages are available when desired. These types of packages include the following:

  • Remote company incorporation
  • VAT number application
  • Visa and immigration procedures
  • Bank account opening

Apart from the above-mentioned services, Intercompany Solutions offers even more services to anyone who applies for the all-in package. Anything from accounting to secretarial and representation services can be arranged for the client. By hiring a professional firm for BV company formation, a lot of time and effort can be saved. What is more, all parties involved will know that all formalities will be handled correctly, effectively, and within a short time. Because the firm knows all the laws, regulations, and formalities, the right steps will be taken at the right time. This way a corporation can be established within a very short period of time.

BV company formation in the Netherlands

Whether you apply for an all-in package or a different service, founding a business in the Netherlands will go very smoothly with Intercompany Solutions. BV company formation in the Netherlands can be done within a very short amount of time as long as all formalities are handled in the correct manner. The agency knows exactly how the current laws and regulations in the Netherlands are and can therefore take care of all formalities very effectively. Thanks to many years of experience and the right expertise in the field, Intercompany Solutions knows exactly how to establish a corporation according to Dutch laws and regulations. The company itself is located in one of the most bustling trading cities of the world: Rotterdam. The city is known for having one of the biggest ports in the world, as well as for being a very international city. Because of the location of our office, we are able to hire the employees with the most experience and expertise in the field. All of our employees are bi- or multilingual and know all the necessary steps for BV company formation. The international, multilingual environment is not only good for establishing your corporation with us; you will notice it will benefit you greatly while doing business in the Netherlands.

Setting up a business from abroad

To establish a corporation in the Netherlands, you do not necessarily need to be in the country yourself. When hiring Intercompany Solutions for BV company formation, it is possible to establish a business remotely. This means you will not need to travel in order to take care of all the administration and applications. Our employees can handle all of the formalities for you. All the documents we require of you can be send and signed digitally. This will save a lot of time and effort and allows you to start up a firm within a short amount of time. In some cases, it is even possible to found a Dutch BV company within one day. When you have all the necessary documentation for the application, we can start handling the necessasities for you directly. Find out more about BV company formation on or contact one of the employees for questions and advice. Start your new business today and discover the many advantages of running a business in the Netherlands.

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