Are you looking for a Marbella property?

For those looking for a luxurious Marbella property, realista is the real estate agency you need. realista is a real estate agency based in Marbella, but active in a much wider area in the south of Spain. They mainly focus on luxurious properties, such as penthouses, villas and large townhouses, so if that’s what you’re looking for, check their website to see a complete overview of the current available properties. You’ll find homes and plots in a wide variety of cities and areas, so it doesn’t matter wether you’re looking for a luxurious Marbella property of a fancy apartment in Malaga or maybe even in Estepona. If the type of home you’re aiming to buy is the luxurious and large type, realista is the place to go to. They offer nothing but fancy homes and plots that are usually over €300.000 so don’t expect to find an apartment with a price below that. There are plenty of other real estate agencies in the area that accept all types of properties, but realista really specializes in the fancy and luxurious type, like that 5-bedroom ocean view Marbella property that’s featured on their website. The homes they offer all have beautiful interiors as exteriors, with gorgeous finished in terms of flooring, tiles and other material options. Many of the homes have multiple bathrooms, that are tiled with only the prettiest tiles and finished with beautiful decorations. realista knows the market of luxurious homes well, and their range of properties only covers the best and prettiest homes at the Spanish coast. 

How to buy a Marbella property

If you’re interested in a fancy Marbella property you’re gonna want to visit a few of them first. realista can help you with that. All you need to do is check out their website to see the current available properties and selecte the ones you’d like to visit. Then you’ll buy a plain ticket and will stay in the area for a few days. realista will schedule all the visits in those days so you’ll get a chance to see them in real life and think about wether you see yourself living there. If you (and perhaps your partner) decide to go for it and actually buy that luxurious Marbella property, realista will make sure you have all the information you need to do so. Getting a mortgage in Spain probably works slightly different than getting one in your own country, but with the professional advice of realistas real estate agents you’ll have one in no time. 

Available properties in Analusia

At realistas website you can find that gorgeous Marbella property, but also all types of luxurious properties, apartments and even plots (for those willing to build their own dream home) in the following cities:

  • Malaga
  • Estepona
  • Benahavis
  • Casares

A few other locations are available as well. Please check their website for the complete, current offer of homes and plots to see the complete range of locations. Since Marbella is such a popular destination, realista always has various options for those looking for a fancy Marbella property, so finding one there (or even nearby the city, surrounded by nature) will be very easy. Just check realistas website to see all the wonderfull properties they offer in Andalusia, and you’ll see that the range of homes in Marbella is quite big.