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Have you always dreamed of living in Spain or having a summer house there? Has this always seem like an impossible idea to actually achieve to you? Than we are here to give you some very good news. Together with real estate agent Realista Quality Properties Marbella, you can finally find your dream Marbella property.

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Buying a home in a foreign country comes with its difficulties. Most of the time this has to do with knowledge. When you have never bought a house in e.g. Spain before, then it can be hard to know what you should think of. Just simply finding the Marbella property that you would like to buy is not enough, unfortunately. There are certain things that you have to arrange before you can make this happen. You will have to have a social security number for example. Luckily for you, at Realisty Quality Properties Marbella, they know exactly what it will take for you to make this happen. Not only will they help you find your dream Marbella property, they will also help you out when it comes to everything legal and financial. With their help you will be sure that everything will be arranged as it should be.

Choosing your Marbella property

Marbella has been very popular for tourists for many years now. And with good reason, of course. There are around 320 days of sunshine here. That is a lot more than in most other place, even in the rest of Spain. You might be thinking of moving into the Marbella property for good or maybe you will just keep it as a place where you can go to when you want to enjoy a nice holiday. However way you like it, with your own Marbella property you get what you want. You will never have to make a booking to rent an apartment, because you will have your own! If this is what you are looking for, then we highly recommend you to get in touch with Realista Quality Properties Marbella. Your knowledge might be a bit lacking in this area. Even if you know a lot about real estate in your own country, you will soon learn this works very differently in Spain. So, it is all the wiser to contact a real estate agent that knows how these things go and what the best way to go around this is. That is exactly what they offer you at Realista Quality Properties Marbella.

Enjoying your new (second) home

Are you looking for luxury and a high end Marbella property? Then Marbella is definitely the place for you. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in Costa del Sol. As you will probably know when you have been here before. When you decide to go for a Marbella property we do advise you to visit the place often. Get to know Marbella and the people that live there. This will already give you a good idea of how things run here. Because on thing is for absolutely certain, it is very different from what you might be used to. Most people think Spain has a lot of similarities to the Netherlands because we are relatively close to each other. But there is a huge cultural difference between the two countries and of course the people that live in it. Look at the siesta for example! This is something everyone in Spain knows and could never live without. That is something we would never do. It is these kinds of things that makes a country special! Read More…