Guitar straps

overdrivestraps - Guitar strapsAre you looking for a strap for your guitar that matches your music and identity? Which fits your performance en sound? At the website you can find the most sensational guitar straps with the best handmade quality. On this website you can find exciting and original guitar straps. They do not only look colourful, but they are also made from the best quality materials. The creator Cissie Goumare was always looking for stunning and inspirational guitar straps comfortable for her and the guitar. Looking for this gear, she discovered that these products were difficult to find and she decided to design them all by herself. Overdrive Straps was launched to provide music artists a variety of gears they can choose from. It is possible to compile your own kind strap by choosing the colour, hardware and size of the strap. You can also select the size of the holes in the strap. With providing these choices to the musician customers, it is possible to have a gear suiting your body and guitar all in one. Furthermore, the colours and the prints represent the sound of your music on stage. Wearing this gear, your performance will be complete for you and your public.

Comfort and passion on stage

Cissie Goumare took many sounds and looks in consideration while designing the guitar straps. She also realized the many kinds of straps musicians favour. One likes to wear a wide strap while the other one favours a slim version. Some prefer a one-colour version, others would like an obvious print on their strap. All these kinds of guitar straps are available on divided in the following categories:

  • Seatbelt straps
  • Retro fabric straps
  • Full leather straps

The seatbelt straps are available in different colours, including the striking ones like purple, light blue and pumpkin orange. Beautiful fabrics are processed in the retro fabric straps. The prints are really eye catching and you can choose print matching your music style. Examples of these guitar straps are the aztek white, Marrakesh and Bohemian beige and mint.

In case you prefer a strap completely made of leather, check the category Full Leather Straps. The straps are small and made of full-grain leather. Also these straps are available in different colours and with special prints as the retro fabric straps. Cissie Goumare knows some musicians prefer full leather straps and therefore she provided this option as well on her website Overdrive Straps.

Gorgeous guitar style

Looks are important, but a real musician also takes care of its instruments. Only the best gear is qualified. As a musician you are at your best when you know your instrument is in good hands. For a guitar, a strong belt is necessary. You don’t want your guitar to fall in the middle of performance or to hurt you when you are playing your songs. It needs to be comfortable, strong and unique all in one. The guitar straps are all of these. They are made of the best quality of leather and hardware, and are made of passion for music and guitars. These characteristics make sure that these guitar straps are the ones you need for you and your guitar. When you wear a strap like this, you will make a great impression on stage.

Check and customize your own belt. Select the style of strap, and then the kind of colour, seatbelt, leather and hardware most suitable for you. By choosing the length of the strap and the size of the holes, you can finish your product on the website.