Looking for an industrial camera?

Getcameras is a company which would like to participate in the development of technology. Their business model makes it possible to make the use of industrial cameras, which are machine interface cameras, cheap and affordable for everyone. Daheng Imaging their industrial cameras are up tot fifty percent cheaper than comparable cameras from companies which produce them in the Netherlands Looking for an industrial camera?or Europe. Are you curious about how Daheng Imaging makes this possible? They try to focus on keeping the costs for producing the industrial cameras low, they try to minimalize building unnecessary functions in the cameras and produce industrial cameras with low labor costs. The cameras which are produced by Daheng Imaging are all produced in China. This makes it possible to keep the labor costs low and sell the industrial cameras cheap to customers.

Different types of cameras from Daheng Imaging

Daheng Imaging produces three different types of industrial cameras. All these industrial cameras are produced in China and are priced very cheap at the website form Daheng Imaging, Getcameras. The three types of industrial cameras which they offer are:

  • The USB2 camera. The USB2.0 camera is the cheapest camera which Daheng Imaging produces. Furthermore, this camera is also the easiest to use. A disadvantage with this camera is that the cable length and bandwidth are very limited. The USB2.0 camera can be used for different types of videos, which require a maximum of 1.3MP and 30fps, or which require 5MP with 7fps. By using this industrial camera, you should not have to use a cable length longer than five meters.
  • USB3 vision camera. The fastest industrial camera which Getcameras offers you is the USB3.0 camera. The USB3.0 camera has the biggest bandwidth of all the cameras which Daheng Imaging produces. Furthermore, the USB3 vision camera uses the least computer processor power out of all three types of cameras from Daheng Imaging. The USB3.0 camera is perfect for high resolution and high-speed recording. Nonetheless, the cable length from this camera is only limited to 4.6 meters.
  • The gige vision camera. The third type of vision camera which Daheng Imaging produces is the gige vision camera. This industrial camera is often used by machine vision applications. You often need longer cable lengths for these kind of cable lengths. The bandwidth of the gige vision camera is somewhere between the bandwidth of the USB2.0 camera and the bandwidth of the USB3.0 camera. The gige vision camera can be used for 20MP sensors with low frame speed but can also be used for low resolution cameras with high-speed frames.

Gige vision cameras and accessories

Besides industrial cameras, Getcameras also offers different types of accessories and cables which are comparable to the different kind of cameras which they sell. All accessories, so also the ones for the gige vision cameras, are tested and supported by the factories from Daheng Imaging in China. For all types of cameras which Daheng Imaging offers, Getcameras has different cables and other accessories. Getcameras also offers different lenses for the different types of industrial cameras with the name GeT Lenses.