Who can help me find my dream Marbella property?

I need your assistance. If you are an expert on the Marbella property market I want your advice, your help, your support. I am a busy man, I work too hard for my own health and I have far too little free time. Fortunately, that is going to change. I am fast approaching my retirement and my first aim is to get as far away from my stressful lifestyle from the last 20 years as I possibly can. The problem is that I just do not have the time or energy available to arrange it myself at the moment. I want someone who knows the area intimately. I need someone who can recommend not only a Marbella property in the right area of town, not only the right street in the right area, but the right end of the right street in the right area. If you think that you are that person and you can help me to find the Marbella property that I am looking for, read on.

What I am looking for from a Marbella property

I have specific requirements. These are requirements which must be met, or I will not be buying the Marbella property in question. The house must:

  • Have a swimming pool;
  • Have its own gated entrance;
  • Have a covered outdoor seating area;
  • Be isolated from surrounding property;
  • Cost between £900,000 and £1,400,000.

For a good indication of the type of property that I am looking for, please look at the Marbella property availability on www.realista.com. The villas listed on that site area of the type that I am searching for. What I need is for an expert in the Marbella property market to ensure that the villa or townhouse that I buy fits all of my requirements exactly. I will be unable to view the selected Marbella property before purchase and will be entirely dependant on the information that you will provide. The time frame for completing the purchase is 18 months. Within this time frame I wish to have completed all requirements and have the property available and ready for my use. A further 2 to 3 months can be added for any minor building or renovation work that may be required to ensure the perfect condition of the property. I will require assistance to arrange any work that may be required and overseeing the renovation.

What you can expect from me

For the person who is able to provide me with the information required to find the perfect Realista Marbella property, a generous commission will be paid. I wish to be very clear that this commission will only be paid if all of my conditions are met, or if any deviation from the conditions is agreed in advance. If I am caused to purchase a property which does not meet all of my conditions, not only will the commission not be paid, but there may be a law suit. This is due to the stress and extra work that this would produce for myself. After the successful purchase of the property, I expect that several bureaucratic hurdles will need to be cleared. If the property search has been completed to my satisfaction, I will employ the person responsible to help me with these technicalities, if they so wish. This will be a potentially lucrative situation for relatively easy work for the right person. If you believe that you are the right person to find my Marbella property, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.