how to set up a Dutch BV

If you’re planning on moving to the Netherlands, wether it is for personal reasons or pure business wise, you need to know exactly how to set up a Dutch BV if you want to take your company with you. Setting up a BV in your own country might work completely different and a different set of rules may apply. Therefor, if you want to set up a Dutch BV it’s important to first of all look up all the information, for example at the website of Intercompany Solutions. This is a company that focusses on foreigners that are willing to set up a business in the Netherlands, no matter the type. Wether it’s a production business, a company that offers services or a retail business, at the website of Intercompany Solutions you’ll find a lot of information about the procedure you need to follow to get started. Again, if you want to set up a Dutch BV, other rules may apply when you compare it to setting up a business in your own country, so make sure you’re well informed and don’t start without first getting all the information you need. Intercompany Solutions is here to help you if if you have questions even after reading all the articles on their website.

Why to set up a Dutch BV

If you’re looking to start a BV in another country in Europe than your own, you might want to consider the Netherlands. There are may reasons why this country is a good pick, but the most important ones are the following:

  • Almost everyone in the Netherlands speaks English.
  • The economy os doing very well, even though we’ve also had a recession.
  • Online shopping is booming in The Netherlands so opportunities are everywhere.
  • Setting up a Dutch BV is fairly easy.

For all the reasons above it’s a good idea to pick The Netherlands for your new business, especially when trying to avoid the consequences of Brexit over the next few years. Brexit is soon to take place, and no one really knows where it will go from there and if it will be profitable or not. One thing’s for sure and that’s that doing business with other countries within Europe will become a bit more complicated if your company is based in the UK. So to set up a Dutch BV instead is a good idea to avoid possible economic setbacks once Brexit gets real. 

The Dutch tax system explained

When looking for information about how to set up a Dutch BV you’ll probably want to read all about the Dutch tax system and why it’s so ideal for enterpreneurs to have a business in The Netherlands. If you compare it to other countries in the European Union, you won’t pay as much taxes because here in Holland they are trying to stimulate everyone to set up a Dutch BV. In order to do so, they must make it interesting to own your own business. The way they do that is by creating all kinds of financial benefits for enterpreneurs. So if you’re still not sure in which country in the EU your want to set up your business, you should check out all the information on the website of Intercompany Solutions, cause then you’ll know Holland is the place to go.