How to setup a Dutch company in the easiest possible way

Nowadays it is exceptionally easy to start a Dutch company. While many other countries have seemingly unnecessary and complicated obstacles and obligations involved in beginning a business, the government in the Netherlands has chosen to simplify the process to setup a Dutch company to an almost extreme level, even for people who are not currently residing in the Netherlands. It is perfectly legal and relatively simple to start a Dutch company having never been to the Netherlands and with absolutely no intention of living there, and an awful lot of companies, from the smallest to some of the very largest in the world, take full advantage of that fact. A Besloten Vennootschap, the Dutch equivalent of a limited liability company, can be started in a matter of days by someone who knows what they are doing. To start a Dutch company for the first time, without experience, can still be a daunting task, however. There are still some requirements, such as depositing money in a Dutch bank account and registering with the “Kamer van Koophandel”, the Dutch equivalent of the Chambers of Commerce, that can be complicated as a non-Dutch speaker without prior experience. Fortunately there are companies such as Dike International who offer all the assistance that you could need to get you through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible. According to their website,, they are able to setup a Dutch company within five working days. All you have to do is provide them with the required information, for example you full name, the business name and bank details, and they take care of the rest with the minimum involvement from yourself. That leave you free to make the other preparations that your business may require, without worrying about that part of the process.

Why you should start a Dutch company

You might be thinking “That sounds great and all, but why are you even discussing this?” Then you need to read about the multiple and wide-ranging benefits that can be gained when you setup a Dutch company. The commercial and economic environment in the Netherlands is one of the best to be found throughout the entire world. If you choose to start a Dutch company you would benefit from:

  • Some of the lowest corporate taxation in the European Union;
  • A well-organised and business-friendly financial and banking system;
  • A plentiful, highly-trained workforce;
  • Strong economic and cultural connections with other countries;
  • Work in a country with a stable government within the European Union.

Particularly with the upcoming changes in Britain due to it’s leaving the European Union, it is making more and more sense to setup a Dutch company, particularly if part of your business is on continental Europe.

What to consider

If you are still unsure whether it is worth your time and money to setup a Dutch company, I would highly recommend that you read around, particularly the blog pages on You can find comparisons of the corporate tax situations, descriptions of the business environment in the Netherlands and experiences of others who have chosen to base their company in the Netherlands. For any doubt about the process itself, you can always call Dike international and talk to one of their agents to find out if the services that they offer can be of use to you. If you already have a busy life, I am absolutely certain that you would benefit from hiring experts to help you with the process rather than attempting to do it alone.

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