Netherlands company formation

Company Formation Netherlands - Dutch BV - Netherlands Residency

It is an exciting time when you decide to start your own company, especially when you have the intention of doing that internationally. Many (upcoming) entrepreneurs choose The Netherlands as the country where they will found their company and this is with good reason.

  • Good economy
  • Affordable tax income
  • Relatively easy to do so

If you do not life in The Netherlands at this time, that does not mean a Netherlands company formation is not possible for you. On the contrary even. It is definitely possible for you to do so. One thing remains very important and that is that you will have to find out more about a Netherlands company formation. This will show you what has to be done exactly and what all the things are that you will have to think about when you decide to go for a Netherlands company formation. Like we said before, it is exciting to go for a Netherlands company formation, but it is also very important that you go about it the right way. If you do not do this, that could mean you will have to face serious consequences and nobody wants that of course.

Learn more about a Netherlands company formation

In just three days it is possible to choose for a Netherlands company formation. This is the only time you will have to put in forming the Netherlands company formation. Of course there is a lot more to starting your own business. But this is all you need to get it done on paper. You will have to fill out several documents. Most of them (if not all) you will be able to find online. You can print them and than hand them over at the right branch. There are different branches for The Company formation Netherlands, where you can go to to make this all work. They are of course happy to assist you in this process. You do not have to think this is very hard. Everyone will be able to do it. If you have the dream of having your own company, then do not let the idea of a hard Netherlands company formation set you back. Companies like Intercompany Solutions are also there to give you a hand and they have the knowledge in this area of expertise that you are looking for. They know exactly what needs to happen and what you will have to do to realise this dreams. After that it is up to you to make a success of your own company.

The best way to do this

Before we gave you a few reasons as to why it is a good idea to choose a Netherlands company formation. They have different types of companies you can go for. BV is the most popular in that one. You can found this type of company on your own, but also with one or more partners. It is always important to realize that certain types of companies that you can go for have requirements that you will have to meet. This also goes for the other types that you can go for. Our advise is to always make sure you will be able to meet those requirements. On the website of the company Intercompany Solutions you can find more information about this. And of course you can contact them to help you out in this matter. They know everything about a Netherlands company formation and what it entails. If you want to know more about the tax system in this country for example this is the place to go. Read More…