Learn to play keno like an expert

It may not be the most complicated game that anybody is ever likely to play, but to learn to play keno like an expert takes time and practice. Sure, you can play keno with just the most basic knowledge of the rules. You can just turn up or log in and place a few bets and you might do all right. The thing is, if you are playing any casino game, you want to do much more than just to do all right. You want to maximise your chances of winning, maximise your playing time, maximise your fun. There is no way that you can do that if you do not know exactly how the game works, or you do not know about the different choices and options available to you. If you just play the same game each time, at the same place with the same rules and the same stakes without looking around for other ways or places to play keno, you will find yourself getting frustrated, losing out on potential winnings and wasting time. Sure, there is no sure-fire winning strategy, but there are ways to play keno that will be a lot more satisfying and potentially help you to win, far more so than just taking the easy option every time.

The different ways to play keno

The game itself is always fairly straightforward, but if you always just play keno with the same rules in the same place you are almost certainly missing out on some element that could benefit you, either by increasing your winnings or augmenting your fun. There are plenty of variations available, such as:

  • Playing a physical game or choosing to play keno online;
  • High stakes, low stakes and variable stakes;
  • Varying gameplay speeds;
  • Choosing more or less numbers;
  • The number of people that you play together with, from 1 or 2 to hundreds at a time.
  • Letsplaykeno

Only by being able to pick and choose the game type that you are playing in can you make sure that you are getting the most out of every minute of your time that you invest when you play keno. The right, magical mix of the factors listed above means that you will never feel that you are wasting your time by playing with stakes that are too low to feel worthwhile, nor will you have to spend your valuable time waiting slow games, or for slow players to pick their numbers. Nor will you lose money too quickly, leaving you unable to play or have to travel to some distant or inconvenient casino to play. The best way to find a game to suit you is to check out letsplaykeno.com. Let’s Play Keno provides listings of online games of virtually any combination that you can imagine, allowing you to pick and choose the game that you want to play without having to search for hours. That allows you to just get on and enjoy the game, rather than wasting your time trying to find a game that works for you.

The golden spot

I have my own golden spot to play keno in, where I can keep playing for as long as I like without feeling bored. I bet around 5% of the total that I wish to play with per game, in high speed games. That means that I get enough wins to keep going, without waiting around for too long to get them. If I get on a roll I can increase the stake, and it never gets out of control. Your golden spot might be different.