Nothing to do? Play a quick game of Keno

Our days are mostly filed with things we need to do. Some of them we like, some of them we dread and most of them leave us indifferent. And so move through our daily lives via our routines and habits. At times we feel alive and exuberant, but mostly we merely exist. Which is not a bad thing because too much awareness leads to anxiety and Angst. That is something you wish to avoid at all costs. For this reason mankind has invented games that help us pass the time and keep up occupied. Card games and other sort of games are specifically designed to entertain us. But the underlying purpose is always to keep us busy and to prevent us from getting bored. Boredom is one the most dangerous feelings you can have. When you are bored, life seems to have no meaning, seems to be empty and devoid of purpose. This then reflects back to you and your role in life. This can be very confrontational, but luckily most people never stay bored for too long. Because of the negative feelings, we often flee right back into an activity. So if you have plenty of stuff to do during the day, but you find yourself suddenly free to do what you want, make sure you occupy that time as well. If you don’t know how, then you can go online and play some games. A very good way to distract yourself is by playing chance games. Such games get the heart pumping especially when there is money involved. The thrill of winning or losing takes hold of you and thus there can be no question of boredom during such moments. Online you can play various games. If you want to play something quick and easy, Keno is a very good option. With Keno all you have to do is choose a set amount of numbers. But unlike Lotto, it is not the case that the drawn numbers can be anything. There are for instance 80 possible numbers you can choose from and you then select 20 out of those 80. After that the winning numbers will be generated randomly from those 80 numbers. Each right numbers earns you a price. Each consecutive winning number increases the value of your price. Once it is done, you can try your luck again. It does not require any kind deep mental effort. It is just perfect way to use Keno to pass the time.

Where can I play a game of Keno

You do not need to go to a casino of you want to play a game of Keno. You could do that of course if the casino offers this game, but it is far easier to just go to an online casino. Since Keno is just a simple and short game, it is perfect to play when you have a break or when you suddenly find you have nothing to do. To fill up the time and amuse yourself, you can go online, find a website of an online casino and just play a few rounds of Keno. But there are many online casinos, so how do you know which one to choose? For that you can go to

Find the right online casino via

It can feel like a real maze in the online world. So many options you hardly know which one to choose. That is why there is a site like where you can find various places where you can play Keno such as:

  • Unitbet
  • Betsson
  • Dunder
  • Betsafe
  • Rizk